Agile Coaching

Helping you inspect, adapt and improve

Our Offering

Do you need help with your agile delivery? We offer an agile assessment day, to help get you back on track.

Agile Assessment Day

A consultant will visit your team's place of work for the day, with the assessment being focused on a single team within the organisation.

Observe agile ceremonies

Agile is a discipline with a wide spectrum of practices that can be adopted. How team members interact with one another is one of the best indicators of your organisation's maturity level. Consultant observes exiting daily standup or facilitates one if not usual practice Consultant participates in planning or another significant ceremony.

Pair with team members

Working closely with team members gives the consultant valuable insight into the challenges a team may face. It is also an opportunity for team members to as questions one on one. The consultant will pair with multiple individuals to understand their day-to-day challenges

Agile assessment with the team

One of the key tenants of agile is “inspect and adapt”. Although most teams will create action items as the result of some form of retrospective they often neglect to assess whether they are improving across a period of time. The consultant will facilitate a meeting that creates a baseline for the team's current maturity level in agile practices. The team will learn the technique to assess themselves for future sessions.

Agile Surgery

An opportunity for key individuals within the organisation tune agile practices by seeking advice on specific circumstances and scenarios. Alternatively can be used to educate those less familiar with agile such as stakeholders into agile practices and their alternatives. The consultant is available for Q&A session either on a one to one or small group basis


After the assessment day, the consultant will consolidate their findings and aim to produce a report within a week detailing their observations and recommendations for improvement.